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Cupertino is world-renowned for its position at the center of the technology industry and its excellent schools. Boasting the best-educated and most creative workforce in Silicon Valley, Cupertino is the natural home for such innovative companies as Apple, Seagate Technology, TrendMicro, Ducati North America, Packateer, SugarCRM, and Panasonic. Cupertino’s unique blend of education, world-class employers, diversity, and quality of life make it the ideal community to start a business or raise a family.
Business Climate
Cupertino represents the best place in Silicon Valley to locate a business. Whether starting your own business or establishing a tech company, Cupertino offers the people and customer base necessary to make your business successful. The local workforce is the best educated in the region, with over 79% of the adult population holding a college degree. Our workforce is famously innovative. Cupertino ranks in the top 10 nationally of cities with the most registered patents. Finally, Cupertino boasts a compelling customer base. Consumer-focused businesses benefit from a community whose average household income is $142,000, while entities focused on enterprise sales benefit from their proximity to numerous world- class corporations. Ideally located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Cupertino provides its residents access to a diversity of employment, shopping, and cultural opportunities and amenities.
While some Cupertino residents live and work in the immediate area, the city’s proximity to Highway 85, Interstate 280, and the Lawrence Expressway also provide quick and convenient access to many destinations in and around the Bay Area. Several
Cupertino City Center
public transit options also exist in the area, including the Valley Transportation Authority’s bus system, and the Caltrain system, which serves communities along the Peninsula from San Francisco to Gilroy. As the transit infrastructure for California and the Bay Area develops, the Cupertino Chamber is an active partner with public officials and the business community to ensure that economic and sustainable alternatives help Cupertino, as well as the larger community, continue to thrive.
Cupertino is a general law city, following the requirements for cities as set forth by the state of California. The governing body of the city is the City Council which serves as its board of directors. The City Council consists of five members who serve staggered four-year terms. City facilities, many of which are available by reservation, are found throughout Cupertino and include an active Senior Center, an abundance of well-maintained parks, the Cupertino Sports Center, athletic fields, and the Quinlan Community Center, where a number of activities and meetings take place. Many city
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Economic Profile

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