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 City of Cupertino
Deborah L. Feng
City Manager Cupertino City Hall
10300 Torre Avenue Cupertino, CA 95014-3202 Tel.: (408) 777-3212
Fax: (408) 777-3366
It is a pleasure for me to extend a warm welcome on behalf of the City of Cupertino! The City of Cupertino commends the Cupertino Chamber of Commerce on its Community Guide and Business Directory. This publication provides useful information about our wonderful city and its many amenities. As you will discover Cupertino is a wonderful place to live, work, and play.
Cupertino’s business community is thriving, as evidenced by a diverse mix of well renowned high-tech giants, innovative restaurants and retailers, and countless entrepreneurs. I invite you to utilize the Business Directory in finding a variety of businesses that weave together the culture of Cupertino.
Additionally, our City staff is committed to providing excellent service and creating a high-quality environment to residents, businesses, and visitors. I invite you to delight in our beautiful parks, trails, and community centers, as well as participate in community events held throughout the year.
Enjoy your time in Cupertino and thank you for supporting our local business community!
                  06 Community Guide & Business Directory Cupertino

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